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2025 Budget

Budget Process

Dane County has an annual, calendar year budget. In the fall, the County adopts the budget for the next calendar year. The Budget process contains two separate budgets: one budget for operations and one for capital projects. 

The video below provides an overview of the process, describes the difference between the operating and capital budgets, and describes the general budget timeline.


Ways to Participate

  1. Attend a committee meeting. Meeting times and agendas are posted here.  NEW!  Sign up to receive agendas as they are posted - View the video here to sign up.   

  2. Attend one of the County Board Budget Hearings:

    1. September 11 at 6:00pm – Public Hearing on Department Budget Requests

    2. September 12 at 6:00pm - Public Hearing on Department Budget Requests

    3. October 21 at 7:00pm – Public Hearing on 2025 Dane County budget 

  3. Contact you County Board Supervisor. If you’re unsure who your County Board member is, please use this tool

  4. Email all County Board Supervisors

Committee Schedules

Committee schedules for review of the 2025 budget will be posted during the summer/early fall of 2024.

The standing committees will have a heading on their agendas titled "Budget Discussion and Amendments" for the 2024 budget process.  

You can find their amendments in their own action item files.  The list below are the numbers for each committee:


Operating Budget Resolution

Capital Budget Resolution

Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources


Zoning and Land Regulation


Public Works and Transportation




Public Protection & Judiciary


Health and Human Needs


Personnel & Finance



–– Board of Health