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Providing Public Testimony

Registration for meetings can be completed online or in person.  In order to register online to speak, the registration needs to be completed 30 minutes in advance of the meeting.  In person registration can be done at the meeting and does not need to be completed in advance.  Members of the public are highly encouraged to register online even if attending in person.  The link to register can be found on the agenda for each meeting.  Agendas can be found on the County’s Legislative Information Center.

Registrants are given five minutes to testify before any board, commission, or committee, including the Board of Supervisors.  In some circumstances public comment may be limited to three minutes, see DCO 7.225(2)(a) for more information.  


Members of the public can speak to most items on agendas except items under the following headings:

  • Special Matters and Announcements
  • Minutes
  • Motions from Previous Meetings
  • Special Order of Business
  • Such Other Business


To request an interpreter for a public meeting, contact the phone number that is listed on the bottom of the agenda under “NOTE: If you need an interpreter, translator, etc.”  This request should be done at least three business days prior to the meeting.

If using an interpreter to provide public comment and testify, ten minutes rather than five minutes is provided to allow time for interpretation.

Translating Agendas

To translate an agenda, use Google Chrome, and navigate to the Legislative Information Center  Find the committee meeting you are interested in attending and select the Accessible Agenda link.  After the agenda is downloaded, right click with your mouse, and select “translate to Español (or other language listed)”.

If additional translation is needed, please contact staff via the email that is listed on the agenda.   

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to watch a meeting, but not speak, how do I do that?

Either register and attend via Zoom, or watch the livestream from Madison City Channel (only Board of Supervisor meetings).  

What happens if I am not available when my name is called to testify?

Staff will proceed with registrations and continue to monitor the participant list for attendees and the attendance in the room and will call on you accordingly.

What if I register to attend on Zoom and then come I person?

No problem, staff or the Chair will call out your name and review the online participant list to see if you are online , but, as you’ll be in person, please make your way to the microphone.

How do I submit written testimony?

To submit written testimony for a board/commission/committee/task force, an email address for a staff member can be found in the instructions at the beginning of the agenda.        

To contact the full Dane County Board, you can email the County Board at

Why is public testimony taken before debate?

Public testimony is taken before debate and discussion on an agenda item in order for decision makers to hear from community members prior to voting.

Where does the public sit for meetings?

Meeting rooms will have seating for members of the public.  If you are unsure where to sit, ask the staff member that is in the room.  The County Board chambers has 72 seats in the chambers for members of the public.  If needed, overflow space can be arranged. 

How long do meetings typically last?

It varies depending on the items on the agenda.  A typical meeting can last around two hours. 

I missed the meeting, where can I find the recording?   

The recordings from meetings will be posted in the days following the meeting on the Legislative Information Center.  For Board of Supervisor meetings,  Madison City Channel will have the meetings available shortly after the meeting.

The Board of Supervisors and other boards, commissions, and committees use parliamentary procedure, how do I learn more about how to follow the structure of the meeting? 

To learn more about parliamentary procedure, the Local Government Center has several helpful videos as well as fact sheets that explain parliamentary procedure.

Where can I learn more about the Legislative Information Center including finding agendas, minutes, and specific items?

There are several how-to video’s available online to learn about the various aspects of the Legislative Information Center.  The website is available here: